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 Team Arena - Daily Instanced Raid

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PostSubject: Team Arena - Daily Instanced Raid   Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:46 pm

Team Arena (hereby called TA) is an instanced raid in which the objective is to kill the other team's Dios Lantem (boss.) Upon doing so, he'll drop a lot of items (a symbol being a chance-drop,) and after a small amount of time has passed, the players on the winning team will be warped to an area that allows them to open 1 chest. This raid needs a minimum of 6 players to start: 3 on the Yellow team, and 3 on the Blue team.

The zone consists of normal mobs, special mobs, mini-bosses, and the main boss Dios Lantem. One of the special mobs are the Scylla, which are Golem. The next ones are King of Greed, which are undead. And there are also "Gates," which have no racial and are only classified as "Other." The Scyllas drop 100 Coins, the King of Greeds drop 300 Coins, and the Gates drop 200 Coins. You use these coins to access Buffs that are available in your team's base by talking to the corresponding NPC. (Available buffs are listed further below)

Also, when you first start Team Arena, these items will be added to your inventory, and are removed from your inventory once you leave Team Arena:


Arena Coin:

Used to get Buffs from the Buff NPCs. There are 10 levels of buffs, 1~10, Lv.1 of the buff uses the least amount of Arena Coins. Lv.10 of the buff uses the most amount.

Team Arena Soul Crystal:

Will revive your characters if they are dead, but will also warp you back to the base once used.

Base Return Scroll:

Warps you back to your team's base.

The normal mobs in TA also drop those items

As said above, the basic objective is to kill the other team's Dios Lantem. This can be done by rushing to the boss, or farming the mobs for Arena Coins to get buffed up before going to Dios. Do note, that Dios can't be killed (or it'll be impossibly hard) while the Gates are alive. There are 3 entrances to the base, and each entrance has a Gate and 2 Scyllas accompanying it. The Scyllas don't have to be killed, but the Gate's must. The Gate's also spawn normal mobs until the Gate is destroyed. (Yellow team's base is located D-10, while Blue team's base is located at I-3.)

Once all 3 gates are down, just attack Dios Lantem until he's dead!

Stats and available buffs are listed below.

(Blue / Yellow names in the stats only show which side the mobs are from, and have the same stats as the other team's)


(base Scylla)

(mid Scylla)






Buffs: There are NPCs in which you buff at, which are located in your base. Once you select what buff you want (DR / Def / AR, etc,) you'll have to choose what Level that you want the buff to be. There's Lv.1~10, Lv.1 costs the least amount of arena coins, and Lv.10 costs the most amount.

*Still to come*




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Team Arena - Daily Instanced Raid
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