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 Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid

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PostSubject: Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid   Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 4:50 pm

Mad Rafflesia is the Clan Mission version of the raid Rafflesia. This Mad Rafflesia has increased stats over it's counterpart, and though the raid is similar to the normal Rafflesia, it's still a bit different. For starters, instead of spawning in a "Safe Room" and then going through the gate that leads to the Rafflesia room, you automatically start in Rafflesia's room. On top of that, there is another mob within this Mad variant, the Sabre Tiger. It can be quite annoying as it knocks down a bit, but it isn't hard to kill.

Besides Mad Rafflesia having increased stats, Sabre Tiger's being on the spawn chain, and starting in the mob room automatically, the raid is the same as the normal Rafflesia. These Mad Rafflesia parts aren't labeled as "Torso," "Legs," or "Egg." Instead, all of it's parts are just called "Fury Queenz-eater." Do keep in mind, that this version still does have Parts, they just all have the same name. Like the normal Rafflesia raid, you must kill the mobs within this Clan Mission and click on the Rafflesia Petal that they drop. The Rafflesia Petal is a clickable object, that once clicked, gives you the Rafflesia Buff. This buff prevents Mad Rafflesia from 1hko-ing you when it skills, so always try to maintain this buff. Also, at the point where only the Egg is left, you don't have to keep getting this buff, as The Egg doesn't use skills that cause damage.

Even though, as I said, the body parts of Mad Rafflesia aren't labeled, I'll still list the name above the stats.

Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Fury_q10

Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Fury_q12

Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Fury_q14

I didn't really try to take a pic of the mobs stats, but I did manage to get a few. There are some more mobs besides the pics I'm listing, but they aren't any more of a problem than these. They are easy to kill if you focus fire, and they only cause annoyance due to targeting reasons for the most part.

Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Fury_s10

Poisonous Great Mandragora
Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Poison10

Poisonous Gimlet
Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid Poison11


The Torso uses Poisonous Fog, which sucks the players in and inflicts Poison on them. The Legs use Death Ground, which does the complete opposite of Fog, and knocks you outwards. It doesn't inflict a condition, but it has a bit of a fast cast. The Egg only uses Weaken, which disables skill use. Only Poisonous Fog and Death Ground cause damage, so they are the only skills that can 1hko you if you don't have the Rafflesia Buff.

The best tactic is to focus fire on the Torso (the uppermost part of this thing,) because it's what uses Fog, and it is the most annoying skill of all. Once it's dead, move on to the legs, and then the Egg. The egg will take a good while, depending on how many players are participating in this raid. Overall, this is an annoying raid, but it isn't too hard if you focus. And that ends this thread o:!


Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid HeavyRain1-2
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Mad Rafflesia - Clan Raid
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