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 Castilla, Mines

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PostSubject: Castilla, Mines   Castilla, Mines EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 12:09 am

Castilla, Mines is a raid that consists of 10 bosses and various mobs. It hosts a max of 8 families per room, with no minimum amount required to start the room. Upon your first entry, you will be able to enter for free. The 2nd entry will cost x1 Ancient Relic, along with the 3rd and 4th entry. The 5th, 6th and 7th entry will ask for x2 Ancient Relic. Additional runs after the 7th entry will cost x3 Ancient Relic

To reach Castilla, Mines, you must have Lv.100 characters in your current team, and go to Port of Coimbra (Channel 1 or 2,) and talk to the Castilla Soldier (located at K-7,) and ask to travel to Castilla, 1st Garrison. You must purchase a ticket if this is your first time. The ticket is good for unlimited entries, so you don't have to buy more every time you enter; just make sure the ticket is in your inventory as you talk to the soldier.

Once you are at Castilla, 1st Garrison, you must head to the green arrow located at H-3. Castilla, 1st Garrison is also the home of a questline. Since this post is just about the raid, you can view the questline at this link.

Once you run into the arrow, a message will pop up informing you that you will have to pay relics after your first entry, click Ok/Enter Mines, and a lobby window will come up. You can either create a room or join a room at this point. Created rooms always have 10:00 minutes available until it will force start, so if you are waiting on someone to join the room, and the time is almost at 0:00: tell all of the families in the room to leave before the time runs out, as the mission will auto-start.
If you leave the room before it auto starts, the lobby window will still be up, and all you have to do is create/join another room. You will only have to pay more Ancient Relics if you completely close to the lobby window, so it is safe to leave and rejoin rooms, as long as the lobby window remains up.

The map of Castilla, Mines:
Castilla, Mines CastillaMines-Map

Starting at the very bottom of the map (F-11) you will progress through each room until you reach the final boss, Dekaravia. Along the path to the final boss, you will fight 9 other bosses. In order by room and progression, the bosses are as followed:

Steel Ararat of Chaos
Phobitan General of Chaos
Basilisk of Chaos
Blinkdog of Chaos
Chrysalis of Chaos
Golden Spider of Chaos
Chimera of Chaos
Argus of Chaos
Skeleton of Chaos
Dekaravia of Chaos

After you kill the first boss, mobs and the next boss are then spawned in their designated spots. For example, the Phobitan General and the mobs around his room are located at 8/9-F. But they aren't spawned until the Steel Ararat is destroyed. There are blocks at the exit of each boss room, and you cannot pass them until you kill the boss in the room. If you try to run through it, it will say something such as "You cannot pass until the XXX of Chaos is defeated." However, there is one way to pass them. The trick is to go into Single-Character selection mode (F9 to switch between single and team selection,) and then run one character to the other side of the block, then quickly switch to your other characters. Once the character you've sent to run through the portal as made it to the other side, switch back to that character and call the rest of your team (F4.) You'd have then made it pass the block.

On the other side of the portal, mobs would be spawned, and bosses as well. But, if you didn't kill the boss, and skipped the block, no mob or boss will be spawned. You'll just be running through an empty mines. So you still have to kill the boss that you potentially tried to skip, but you can use this method for things such as Chimera, to make it a simpler boss fight (as when Chimera gets weak, he spawns Eagle Head of Chaos in his room, and they can easily 1hko characters that aren't geared properly, so skipping pass the block of Chimera's room will allow you to bypass those mobs.)

That is the general information for Castilla, Mines. On another note, albeit the bosses having set stats, the mobs will often be spawned with higher levels than normal. For instance, the Phobitan General will sometimes spawn about 10 mini Phobitan Imps. Their common level is 100, but sometimes they are Lv.118, or Lv.107; their level varies.

I will list information pertaining to the bosses.

Steel Ararat of Chaos:

Phobitan General of Chaos:

Basilisk of Chaos:

Blinkdog of Chaos:

Chrysalis of Chaos:

Golden Spider of Chaos:

Chimera of Chaos:

Argus of Chaos:

Skeleton of Chaos:

Dekaravia of Chaos:

Just in case it must be said: this raid can be entered at any time. Meaning, the arrow to the mines doesn't open at a certain time, it is always open. Also, in case you're wondering what Ancient Relics are, and how to get them: The mobs/bosses in Castilla, Mines drop Ancient Relic Pieces. Collect 3 of these pieces, and take them to the Ancient Relic Exchanger, located at E-2 of Castilla, 1st Garrison.

Click on this machine, and then drag x3 Ancient Relic Pieces into the slot box, and then click the option on the left side. The machine will then take 3,000 Feso and turn the 3 pieces into a random reward. The common reward is x1 Ancient Relic, but you can also receive a wide variety of other items, ranging from Lv.100 Items, Lv.92e armor, Recipes, and even the Dragon Heart recipe (extremely rare with normal relic pieces.)

Mobs/bosses in the Mines also drop Gold Relic Pieces. These work exactly the same as the normal relic pieces, however, when you turn them in it asks for 9,000 Feso instead of 3,000. But, there's a higher chance for you to get better items.
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PostSubject: Translation...   Castilla, Mines EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 11:30 pm

CRAZY HARD! In other words if you go in alone and aren't god you are going to get raped so BAD! However, with a group of friends it can be quite fun, though crazy at times and can be heavy lag in some areas totally worth doing at least once with a group of friends, if not more often.

Also just to let ya know if is actually possible to get the coveted Dragon Heart Recipe by doing the three Ancient Relic Pieces in the machine. I got one once, so he's not just pulling your leg you really can get it. Shocked

Good details and nicely laid out Boss Man! ^_^
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Castilla, Mines
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