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 Stance and Symbol List

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PostSubject: Stance and Symbol List   Stance and Symbol List EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 3:49 pm

This is a list of the Symbols required for each stance, and who all can use the stances. To begin with, in order to even gain access to the purchasing of these stances, you must have completed Emilia's Expert Stance quest. You can get this quest by completing the Bahamar questline, going into the Reboldeaux Underground Sewers, and making your way through, as far as possible, until you get to a locked door. A quest will then appear, asking you to talk to Emilia. Complete that questline, and you will have unlocked the ability to buy Expert Stances. Do note, that x6 Great Stones are also required per stance.

Symbol of Taurus

Rapiere - Andre Janzur / Mia Karjalain / Garcia Gygax / Raven
Rapiere of Grim - Eduardo Gygax / Kurt

Symbol of Aries

Darkness - Wizard
Madness - Crazy Emilia
Tronada Cruz - Fighter / Claude / Idge Imbrulia / Battlesmith Idge / Alejandro / Coimbran Trooper / Reboldeaux Soldier

Symbol of Gemini

Duel Blaster - Lorch Fuerholen
Superior Blaster - Grace Bernelli
Hapkido (Gemini + Libra) - Baek Ho, Detective Gertrude, Gracielo, Irawain, Soso

Symbol of Cancer

Bloody Feast - Adelina Esperanza / Adelina The Pirate / Najib Sharif / Ramiro / Tiburon

Symbol of Leo

Hanging Guard - Fighter, Grenmah, Idge Imbrulia, Battlesmith Idge, Ramiro, Tiburon
Tested Guard - Claire

Symbol of Virgo

Prelude - Vincent Rio

Symbol of Libra

Shadow Sting - Calypso
Hapkido (Libra + Gemini) - Baek Ho, Detective Gertrude, Gracielo, Irawain, Soso

Symbol of Scorpio

Enhanced Tactics - Emilia Giannino, Soho, Soho the Fighter, Scout, Valleria, Viki
Peltast - Fighter

Symbol of Sagittarius

Equites - Fighter, Romina, Coimbran Trooper, Reboldeaux Soldier
Demolition Burst - Jose Cortesar
Tested Burst - Claire

Symbol of Capricorn

Arnis - Scout, Lisa Lynway, Soho, Soho The Fighter
Death Chopping - Catherine Torsche

Symbol of Aquarius

Flintlock - Musketeer, Romina, Rescue Knight, Najib Sharif, Grace Bernelli, Auch Infantry

Symbol of Pisces

Augury - Elementalist,
Augury (Hellena) - Hellena
Occultism - Elementalist, Hellena


If you have any questions, post them and I'll add them an answer to this thread.

Q. How do we get the stances once we've gotten the Symbol and x6 Great Stones?

A.Once you've gathered the Symbol and Great Stones, and have completed Emilia's Expert Stance Quest, talk with Emilia and select Acquire Constellation Stance, and then choose wisely on which stance you want to choose. Do be aware that some symbols are purchased elsewhere.

Feso Shop (1,500,000 feso) / completed the Master Martial Arts Quest
(Master MA required), talk to Gertrude and give Gemini Libra x6
Great Stones.

-Prelude: Feso Shop (1,000,000 feso) / completed Vincent's Prelude stance quest, talk to Vincent and give Virgo x6 Great Stones.

-Sect of Moonlight: Feso Shop (1,000,000 feso)

-Waxing: Feso Shop (850,000 feso)

-Gorgeous: Feso Shop (850,00 feso)


Q. Where are these symbols obtained?

A.They drop from either specific bosses, or as a random drop from the Constellation Symbol Box; a box that is obtained by chance from the chest that spawns after the completion of each instanced raid (Rafflesia/ Scharffenberger/Lava Leaf/ Uranus / Griffon.) -Visit This Page to view which bosses drop the symbols, and This Page for more info on the Instanced Raids.


. Why is there an Augury and Augury (Hellena)?

A.The Elementalist's Augury has skills from Evocation Lightning, and Ice; while Hellena's Augury has skills from her exclusive vet stance, Forgotten Magic.


Q. Why is Hapkido listed under Gemini and Libra, and why does it say Gemini Libra or Libra Gemini?

A.Hapkido is purchased with both Gemini and Libra, making it possibly the most costly stance to get. However, it can also be bought through the Feso Shop for 1,500,000 Feso; which is cheaper if you were to go the "buy" route.
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Stance and Symbol List
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