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El Antiguo Matrimonio El_ant10

El Antiguo Matrimonio is a Clan Faction based raid that opens at 18:00 Server Time every day, and is only accessible by players that are in a clan aligned with Royalist or Republican. The location of the gate of entry for Royalist clans is located in Reboldeaux, Queen's Gate, near the entrance to the Reboldeaux Sewers. The location of the gate for Republican clans is located in Thueringen Lakeside.

The raid consists of 3 bosses: Ancient Diablo, Ancient Sharffenberger the Cursed (Vergo), and Ancient Hell Breaker. These bosses drop Lv.100 chips and Hero Seals. The purpose of this raid is to Liberate El Antiguo Matrimonio from the opposing faction. Upon doing so, a clickable object will appear, called "Beacon," and will grant your current team a 24 hour buff of 1 AR, 1 DR. It only applies to the characters in your current team; to get the buff on more characters, you must go to quarters, pick your next characters that you want to receive the buff, go back to El Antiguo, and click the Beacon again.

The map above shows you the layout for El Antiguo Matrimonio, and the map below has markers indicating boss locations, etc. Familiarize yourself with the map, so you can know where you want to go.

El Antiguo Matrimonio El_ant11

S: The S in the middle of the map is where you start. The moment you warp into El Antiguo Matrimonio, this is where you'll be placed.

Arrows: The arrows stemming from the start lead to the bosses which represent the numbers, 1, 2, and 3. At the base of each arrow, there is a (mini) boss, Ancient Gerero. You must kill him in order to open the warp gate that leads to the bosses. The arrow that leads to 4, is a warp gate that only spawns once you kill all of the bosses. This warp gate leads to the Colony that you must destroy and cause the Beacon to appear.

1: The 1 on the map leads to Ancient Diablo. A Daemon-racial beast. It's normal attacks have aoe (if you're right next to the person he's attacking.) He uses Anger, Weaken, and Heal(?) Anger blasts the players in the aoe radius into the air; Weaken disables skill use; and Heal recovers 1/8th of his health. Upon death, it will drop Lv.100 Chips, hero seals, and a warp gate that leads to either F-9 or G-9.

2:The 2 on the map leads to Ancient Sharffenberger the Cursed, a Human-racial thing that doesn't look anything near human. As always, Sharffenberger is accompanied by his band of undead thugs, Pasiar Captain of Mein, Bellboy of mein, Skeleton of Mein, and Anchor(?) of Mein. And also as always, you don't have to kill them, you only need to kill Sharffenberger. He has a wide aoe attack, attacks with a nice radius to everything in front of him, and even melee characters from his back. He uses some knockback skills that aren't particularly strong, and also uses a skill that causes Lethargy. Upon death, it will drop Lv.100 Chips, hero seals, and a warp gate that leads to either F-9 or G-9.

3: The 3 on the map leads to Ancient Hellbreaker. He's a flying Golem-racial mob, that summons some mobs randomly, or not at all. But they aren't a big deal. He uses knock back skills, a skill similar to Diablo's Anger, and has a big aoe normal attack (if you're near the person he's attacking.) Upon death, it will drop Lv.100 Chips, hero seals, and a warp gate that leads to either F-9 or G-9.

F-9 / G-9: As you've read, once you kill a boss, a warp gate leading to either F-9, or G-9 will appear. Once you go through the gate, you'll be placed at those coordinates. You must wait here until someone else kills the other bosses. Once they are all dead, another warp gate will appear on the small plateau's, leading back to the start (S), and once there, there will be one last warp gate right smack on where you just got warped to. Go through it, and then walk up the steps, destroy the colony (Republican Stock Character mobs will appear, but they aren't that strong,) and liberate El Antiguo Matrimonio!

Hope this helped.


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