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 Torsche's Basement

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PostSubject: Torsche's Basement   Torsche's Basement EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 7:05 pm

Torsche's Basement Map_of10

Mob Types: Golem

Max Player Entry 4

Entry Fee: x100 Piece of Otite (or) x1 White Gold Bar

Entry Location: Dr. Torsche's Mansion: Savage Gardens

Entry Prerequisite: Catherine Torsche Recruitment questline

Torsche's Basement is a raid only accessible after completing the Catherine Torsche Recruitment questline. It has boss-drops, as well as a roulette at the end. The max amount of people that can join this raid from the lobby is 4. The theme of this raid is to kill mobs in each room and click on the stone that spawns under each mob's dead body, and getting the correct number (1~7) from it (it'll give you a random number when you click on it, you just have to keep clicking until you find the correct one.)

I'll explain just exactly how you're supposed to know what number is correct. When you start this raid, Dr.Torsche will have a short dialogue, and he'll give a number. What you must do is divide this number by 7. For example, if he says "35," then 35 divided by 7 is 5, meaning that the correct number is 5. Or if he gave you "7," then the correct number to start with is 1. Now, what you do with the numbers is this. Above is a map of Torsche's Basement, below is a map of Torsche's Basement with numbers and other little dots and giggles. Explanation of the map is listed below this map.

Torsche's Basement Baseme10


Red Arrow: Starting Point
Numbers: Room #
Green Dot: Victor
Green Box: Roulette room

In this raid, there are 2 different ways to go when you first start: Left, or Right (in the map's case: Up or Down.) It's not at all possible to successfully complete this raid by soloing; if you want to make it to the roulette, you need at least 2 people. So one goes one way, and the other goes the other way. If you look at the map, you'll notice that the top and bottom look completely identical; and that's because they are.

As I mentioned above, when you get the number at the beginning of the raid, you must divide it by 7, then take that number and make your way to the first room. As you can see from the Marked Map above, the first room you enter from the start is Room 1. The next room above (or below) room 1, is Room 2. The room on the right of Room 1 is Room 2, etc etc. The number that you got from the division is the number that you must get from Room 1 by clicking on the rocks.

Now keep in mind: the top and bottom of the map are identical, meaning if you need the number 5 in Room 1 on the top half of the map, you'll also need the same number in Room 1 on the bottom of the map. Now. once you both get the requested number by clicking on the rocks, a message will appear saying that the Magical Powers have been released (or something similar.) At this point, don't click on any other rocks within that room, or else it will be sealed again, and you must get the right numbered rock once again.

For the rest of this guide, I'll say that the number that was gained from the division is 5. So once you get 5 in both of the first rooms, move on to Room 2. In this room, you must get 6 (because it's the number that comes next after 5.) Once you get 6 from Room 2, move to Room 3. For this room, you need the number 7. Once you get that, move to Room 4, and in this room, you need the number 1. In the next rooms, you need the number 2, 3, and 4. The highest that the rocks go to is 7, so once you got a 7 in a room, you have to get 1 in the next room.

If you can't understand the pattern, it's simple: If you start with 5, keep getting the next number in each room. Once you get 7, then the next room will ask for 1, then 2 in the next room, and so on. Once you get all of the 7 rooms released, a warp portal will open in all of the rooms. Don't freak, they all lead to the same room(s). Even though there are portals in every room, the first person to go into a portal will end up at the Green Spec (on the map above) in C5 (if the player entered a portal on the top half of the map.) The next person that goes into a portal will be teleported to C8 (if the player entered a portal on the bottom half of the map.) And if there is another player, he'll go to C5 as well, and the 4th to enter a portal will go to C8.

Inside these rooms are Victors (1 per room,) and there's a chance that Treasure Maidens will spawn (dropping x1 Sun Stone per kill.) *I'll list the stats for the victors at a later time* I do know that they can be a tough fight if you aren't prepared. When you go into the raid, be sure that you can solo Victor just in case. Once Victor dies, he'll drop loot and a warp portal will open. If both Victors are dead, a Roulette will spawn within that portal. To open it, at least one player must have a "Treasure Chest Key" in their inventory (obtained from a Bounty Hunter merchant for x3 Veteran Tokens,) and must be the person that clicks on the chest.

Now that the general info of the raid is out of the way, there is also one main factor that must be explained, though it's quick. Within the mission, the first time you run into Room 1, you'll get a debuff that degens HP quickly, and disables skill use. The only way to remove it is to click on "Crystals" that are found throughout the rooms, and getting the buff from it. Do note, that each time you click on the crystal, it consumes x10 Otite Pieces. The buff lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the debuff is permanent until it's replaced by the buff. After all rooms are released and the portals open, the buff is no longer needed, as you no longer will receive the debuff.

In a nutshell: You get a number at the beginning, divide it by 7, go to Room 1, click a crystal, kill mobs, click on the rocks until you get the number that you got from the division in both the Top and Bottom Room 1. Move onto the next room, get the next number in that room, continue until you release the room that required 7, and after that, the next number you must get will be 1, and counting up in the next rooms. If the number is 7 that Dr. Torsche gives you in the beginning, you start Room 1 with the number 1.

Release all the rooms, go into the portal, kill both victors, get the loot, go through the portal, open the chest, complete.

Mob Stats


Torsche's Basement HeavyRain1-2
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PostSubject: Re: Torsche's Basement   Torsche's Basement EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 8:53 am

*Wait stats* =p

You think we can do this duo or trio?


Edit : and the answer to my own question, yes you can duo.


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Torsche's Basement
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