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 Food Recipes

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PostSubject: Food Recipes   Food Recipes EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 5:11 pm

This is a list of all of the obtainable Food Recipes, acquired from the Journal Analyst NPC in Abertal. He trades these recipes for x25 Old Journal 1, Old Journal 2, or Old Journal 3, depending on which recipe you purchase. The ingredients for these recipes drop from mobs all around, I'm not sure where exactly, but you'll notice when you see some odd item in your Misc inventory! After you gather all of the ingredients, take them, and the recipe, to Panfilo (in Reboldeaux, near the Queen's Gate Exit.)

Open the crafting window like you would any other crafter, and drag the recipe into the slot. Once you have all the ingredients and make the food, an item should pop up in your Consumable inventory. Once used, a clickable-npc-thing will pop out for a total of 6 people to click on. Once you click on it, it will provide you with a buff. I don't know if the buffs are different depending on the recipe or what, I also don't even know what any of the buffs do at this point. But this is the general information of cooking. The pics of the recipes are listed below.

Comodo Steak
Food Recipes ComodoSteak

Wolf Steak
Food Recipes WolfSteak

Boar Steak
Food Recipes BoarSteak

Spider Steak
Food Recipes SpiderSteak

Meat Stew
Food Recipes MeatStew

Egg Stew
Food Recipes EggStew-1 : Food Recipes Egg_st10

Fish Sausage
Food Recipes FishSausage

Capy Fish
Food Recipes CapyFish

Stirfried Octo
Food Recipes Stir-friedOcto

Stirfried Corn
Food Recipes Stir-friedCorn

Golden Apple Pie
Food Recipes GoldenApplePie

Capy Rum
Food Recipes CapyRum


Food Recipes HeavyRain1-2
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Food Recipes
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