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  Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th

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 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Empty
PostSubject: Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th    Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 5:14 pm

This is news from the official GamersFirst Sword 2 forum itself. Read
carefully, and prepare yourself for the big change! They announced that
the patch will be commenced on Tuesday, July 19th, at 8:00 PM PST.
No exact recovery time has been announced, so you'll just have to
anxiously await the return of the servers once the maintenance brings it
down! Happy reading Twisted Evil

Quote :

- New NPC - Raven
- New Field - Viron
- New Pet (More info coming soon)
- Quinzel's Surprise VI (More info coming soon)
- Raiden's Box of Rage VI (More info coming soon)

New Missions

- Red Sunset Forest Mission
- Blood Fog Forest Mission
- Curse Recover Mission
- Demonic Oculta Mission (Bounty Hunter)
- New Party Missions

New Features

- Crafting Custom Wings
- Alchemy System
- Cooking System
- Character Name Change Service
- Squad search function is added
- Priority of buffs are added

New Items

- Scan Map item
- Large Caliber Bullets
- Letizia Shiny Box
- Le Scarce Armor
- Principal Ampule
- Rings for Raven
- Ancient Weapon Recipes

Additions to Class Skills

- Adelina - Rage
- Alejandro - Cast Net
- Panfilo - Battle Cook
- Idge - Melt Armor
- Claude - Melt Weapon
- Andre - Fantastic
- Jose - Siege Mode
- Grace - Detection
- Reboldoeux Soldier - Tenacity
- Brunie - Fatal Blues
- Garcia - Shadow Trigger
- Lisa - Grinding
- Catherine of STR, INT and DEX - Dream of Doll

Additions and Modifications to the existing system

- Oculta Renewal
- Jaquin Siege Attack
- Battle Colosseum
- Can unequip in Barrack Mode
- Gate to Hell is added in raids
- Damage calibration rate on lesser, light and heavy armor during PVP is indicated on the skill tool tip
- Weapon costume slot is added in the character specification screen
- When right-clicking the mouse on the summoned pet and cancel the summon, the pop-up menu would close
- New starting point would not be saved as the Ustiur base camp when moving to the Ustiur area
- Quest information screen is divided into necessary, optional, hire, repetitive, and event tabs
- When creating character from barrack, users can rotate the camera and zoom in/out
- Select All and Individual Select mode are saved when ending the program
- Active period of Warp Gate of Hell is changed from 20 minutes to 3 minutes
- Awakening level indication is added in the barrack and character specification screen
- Skills are cancelled while leaving squad, moving barrack, moving channel, logging out, and attacking
- Players can now enter the Arena once a day through the Arena Mercenaries in Queen's Gate
- The quest mail check function has been added
- Ricardo has been moved to Port Coimbra.
- The ore exchanger in Gigante has been deleted
- The stance ring craft UI has been added
- The barrack team slot expansion function has been added
- Exp points gained from the exp cards received from certain zones are increased
- Previously installed traps and summons are removed when joining or leaving squad
- The buff icon blinks to indicate that only 5 seconds of buff remains
- Monsters in Gehenna Bridge no longer drops shiny crystals
- The regeneration of monsters increased in Mohrgus, Torture Chamber and Schivarliere
- Changes to the Royal Scrolls
- Turn off camera vibration option has been added to graphic option
- Mission Lobby summon stone
- Karjalainen in Auch now sells time-based face costumes
- Enchant merchants and enchant exchanger has been added to Coimbra
- Win/Victory is determined even when the Team Arena match ends within 10 minutes
- Deleted Crafting skills of UPCs

Item related changes

- Modified Normal/Elite items below level 80
- Valkyrie Crasher
- Home Premium Service
- Soul Crystal revival
- Socket Ability to Costumes
- Trump item crafting has been changed
- Changed Constellation Weapon glow from 7 - 9
- The optional stat types are changed when adding options on the enhanced stance ring.
- Samurai Armor costumes can be traded
- Baby Tiger Pet boxes can be traded
- Time based bullet boxes can now be equipped only by the characters capable of using them
- Settler's Practice Rapier has been added to the list of equipments sold by Adelina in Coimbra.
- Mercenary Warrants cannot be traded
- Microphone and megaphone usage time has been changed to 1 minute 30 seconds
- City return scrolls waiting time has been changed to 3 seconds
- When using time based items, the remaining time is displayed upto minutes

Additions and Modifications to Contents

- Grave stone location is added in the map of Tetra Dungeon Catacomb and Porto Bello Cabin
- Scale piece that used to be traded from Igorne can be traded for 200 Explorer Team Memos from Heredes in Bahamar.
- Jaquin area is renewed
- Experience points from monsters in the lost dungeon area greatly increased
- Items sold by token merchant NPC in the Bounty Hunter area are modified
- Rewards for roulette and hunting quests of the Demoniac Oculta dungeon changed from veteran token to expert token
- Party leader skill [Watcher's Eye] is added
- Ancient runes are dropped from all monsters in the areas of Errac, Errac Dias and Errac Noche
- Basic agility in the stat of Garcia changed from 50 to 60
- M'Boma quest has been added
- Angie quest has been added.

Other Changes

Modified Stance and Skills -

- Gorgeous
- Martial Arts
- Equites
- Bloody Feast
- Tronada Cruz
- Arnis
- Hanging Guard, Tested Guard
- Peltast
- Shadow Sting
- Sect of Moonlight
- Death Chopping
- Magic of Occultism, Occultism Assistance
- Prost Summon
- Traps

Quote :

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Raven_10

Basic Stats :

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Raven_11

Available Stances :

  • Basic Stances = Bare Knuckle - Epee Garde - Sabre Garde - Aiming Shot - Freestyle Shot
  • Veteran Stances = Avance Garde - Side Shot
  • Expert Stances = Rapier - Croisement

Character Card can be obtained while proceeding with Viron's main
quest. Garcia is needed for Families looking to do this Quest.

Quote :
Viron Island

- Can move to Viron by talking to Ricardo at Coimbra
- Only Families with base level 20 can set foot in Viron

- Viron's Main quest is triggered upon entering the island
- The letter of recommendation of the Furholen Family is required to proceed with the main quest
- The quest mail for receiving the letter of recommendation can be obtained when Catherine Torsche enters the village

Oswalts Quest:

- Families with Adelina can begin the quest by talking to Oswalts at Viron

Dominion Quest:

- Quest is obtained by talking to Whilton - Viron Militia leader after completing the main quest - To the Red Sunset Forest

Devil and Alchemist Quest:

Begin by talking to Zenia in Viron. Quest completion will allow player
to use Alchemist's Table of Naraka with 7 pieces of Naraka though Zenia.
Pieces of Naraka are dropped throughout Viron.

Black and White Quest:

Talk to Lionel after completing the Devil and Alchemist quest and
Dominion Quest. The quest is divided into Envoy of Justice/Seduction of
Darkness. Players can choose only one of these.

Durm Quest:

- Families with Alejandro in MCC can begin the quest by talking to Durm at Viron

Quote :
Red Sunset Forest Mission:

With a time limit of 1 hour, 5
to 30 members can participate in this mission. Once the mission starts,
you will have to kill 12 semi-bosses to get to the main boss (The One

Your 12 hurdles are:

- Murder Vordoi
- Death Dominator
- Gaswalts
- Giant Old Brother and Giant Younger Brother (very original)
- Gimlet
- Red Sunset Kobold General
- Nature Dominator
- Red Sunset Tiger
- Stone Dominator
- Pain Dominator
- Ancient Fighter
- Carpenter Wasp

warned that each of them possesses unique abilities and you will need
great team work, co-ordination and need to use your brain to kill them.

The final boss Wolfriner has to be killed within the 1 hour time limit to succeed.

Killing each mini boss and the main boss will activate the Roulette Reward system which will give the players items such as...

- Lump of Platinum
- 4 types of Stones
- Enchantment Chips - 92 - Veteran
- 3 types of Rare Books
- Level 84 Elites
- Level 100 Items
- Level 92 Elite
- Crafted Necklace
- Belt Recipe
- Top Grade Jewel
- Elite Jewel
- Shiny Crystal Box
- Dragon Heart Recipe
- Elite Le Blanc Recipe
- Elite Le Noir Recipe

Do you dare do this mission?

Quote :
Blood Fog Forest Mission:

The mission can be initiated by
Veteran players once a day through the "Blood Fog Forest Guard" in
Viron. With a limit of 12 families, the mission begins in the mission

Your target is to eliminate the Blood Sabre who is protected by the King type monsters.

Killing King SissorGaras, King Gluttony and King ReaperGaras will summon Blood Sabre who rolls with 5 Ancient Knights.

King has special skills that will test your might. Each of them are
designed to tire you and make your crawl on your knees. But the mighty
and brave will live long enough to see Roulette dropping some items such

- Honor Cards
- Level 96 Elite Recipe
- Kobold Weapon
- Le Noir Armor recipe
- Level 100 items
- Enchantment chips
- Constellation Symbols
- Shiny Crystal Box
- Dragon Heart Recipe

... to name a few.

Quote :
Crow Forest Mission:

"Mysteries surrounding Viron are
plenty. Rumors and facts can rarely be identified. But one fact that
none can deny are about all those explorers who never returned from Crow
Forest. "

This one a day mission can be initiated by making your
way to the Scout Leader in Viron. With only 30 minutes to complete the
mission, taking as many as 3 to 10 players will be a wise decision.

time, no monsters will greet you, but you will be attacked by your own.
The cursed explorers awaits to send you to your grave.

Cursed Claude Baudez
Cursed Grenmah
Cursed Rescue Officer
Cursed Nar
Cursed Ania
Cursed Triburon
Cursed Ramiro
Cursed Alejandro
Cursed Grace
Cursed Brunie
Cursed Lorch
Cursed Garcia
Cursed M'Boma
Cursed Hellena
Cursed Rio
Cursed Garcielo
Cursed Baek Ho
Cursed Irawain
Cursed Grutrude
Cursed Soso
Cursed Lisa
Cursed Yaganeh
Cursed Jack
Cursed Andre
Cursed Karjalainen
Cursed Selva
Cursed Eduardo
Cursed Kurt
Cursed Calyce
Cursed Jose Costasar

you hesitate to kill your favorite character, it will only give them
the chance to use their special skills and buffs and de-buffs on you.

difficulty level and chance for better item drops will increase as you
progress into the mission. If you survive, you may walk out with some of
the following...

- Dragon Hearts
- Shiny Crystal Box
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Great Jewels
- Symbol of Naraka
- Hero's seal
- Level 100 items
- Level 92 items
- Exp Cards
- Pieces of Naraka
- Enchantment Chips
- Le Noir Recipe
- Jewel Powder
- Medal of Honor
- Elite Le Blanc recipe
- Serpent Weapon items
- Elite Le Noir Recipe

Quote :
Demonic Oculta Mission (Oculta Bounty Hunter):

This mission which is added to the Guild office of the Bounty Hunters, will allow only characters between 121 - 130 to enter.

A fee of 5 Gold Bars or 1000 Honor Points or 150 Shiny Crystals has to be paid to enter.

The rewards from the mission includes...

- Veteran Token
- Constellation Weapon Recipe
- Elite Le Noir Recipe
- Crafted Necklace
- Magic Earring Recipe
- Le Scarce
- Magic Belt Recipe
- Magic Gloves Recipe
- Magic Boots Recipe
- Honor Cards
- Elemental Jewels
- Level 92 Elite Weapons
- Level 92 Elite Armors
- Level 96 Elite Armors
- Level 100 Weapons
- Level 100 Armors

Quote :
Clan Missions:

The mission can be entered through the
new tab in the Clan Window (Alt + Y). The Clan Leader and the Deputy
Leader can start the missions and the user can join when the Clan
Mission Icon appears in the center right of your screen.

With a minimum requirement of 3 families and a maximum of 30 families, 50 Shiny Crystals have to be paid to begin.

The new La Scarce Armor kit can be obtained from the clan missions.

Quote :
Crafting Costume Wings:

Now you have the ability to choose
the options for your wings! All you have to do is select "Custom Wing"
from the Bazaar icon. That will pop this crafting window on to your

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th M81hq9

- Select the wing that you want from the many choices
- Select 6 options that you want for your wings
- Select the duration of the wings

The cost is affected by the duration of the wings and not the options.

Available options:

Type 1: AR +1 or DR +1

Type 2: ATK Speed 10% Up or MaxHP +1500

Type 3: ATK 10% Up or MaxSP +300 or DEF 10 UP

Type 4: +30 Mental ATK or Fire ATK +30 or Ice ATK +30 or Lightning ATK +30

5: +10% ATK to Humans or +10% ATK to Life type or +10% ATK to Daemons
or +15% ATK to Undead or +15% ATK to Golems or +3 Penetration

6: +10% ATK to Humans or +10% ATK to Life type or +10% ATK to Daemons
or +15% ATK to Undead or +15% ATK to Golems or +3 Penetration

Note: Options from Type 5 and 6 cannot be repeated

Crafting fee:

1 day - 70,000 Feso
7 days - 280,000 Feso
30 days - 570,000 Feso

Quote :
Alchemy System:

Junk has a new value. Precious!

has been recently discovered that many items that has been considered
Junk has hidden properties. The Alchemist named Beronif in Viron can
help you transform these Junk into valuable items.

Be warned
that Alchemy is not a perfected science. Each transformation can yield
varying results that is not in your control. But some times, the items
produced exceed expectations.

The table next to Beronif will activate the Alchemy Window.

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th N3ngxz

and drop the junk items into the 3 slots available and click "Start
Alchemy". This will consume 1 EA Junk items to create a random item
which will be added to your inventory.

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th 144b1nt

The creation of rare items will depend on the grade of the junk items (varying from 0 - 4).

total Alchemy base rating is calculated by adding the rating of the
Junk items. The higher the base grade, the higher Vis is consumed.

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th 33cpuue

The Base rating in the screen shot is 4 + 0 + 4 = 8. You can also add Vis to increase the overall Alchemy Grade by 1.

Items that can be Produced:

- Nutrition
- Mitridart
- Painkiller
- Analeptic Redemy
- Sedative
- Buche de Noel (3 types)
- Soul Potions
- Cookstone
- HQ Stones (3 types)
- Archangel's Heart
- Siren's Scale
- Seeds of Rafflesia
- Pieces of Naraka
- Shiny Crystals
- Mana Stone
- Mission Lobby Summon Item
- Composite Steel, Cast Iron
- Reinforced Leather, Qualified Cloth, Juniper
- Fire/Ice/Wind/Magic Stones
- Ores (4 types)
- Progressive Health Fillers
- Solvent
- Analeptic Remedy
- Dragon Heart
- Mystic Ampul
- Hermes Potion
- Veteran Polishes
- Jewel Powder
- Otite Perfume
- Invisible Potion
- Black Oxide
- Offensive Filler
- Defensive Filler
- Different types of Ampules

Quote :
Cooking System:

The renowned Chef Panfilo says "Eating
healthy is the secret of strength". With his new range of food, your
family and 5 friends of your's can gain various buffs that will help you
kick some monster tail.

The fun part? Panfilo will let you in on his secret ingredients which you will have to collect.

The cooking recipes can be purchased with Old Journals (1 - 3) from the Journal Analyst at Abertal.

Recipe - SpiderSteak
Recipe - BoarSteak
Recipe - WolfSteak
Recipe - ComodoSteak
Recipe - MeatStew
Recipe - StirfriedOcto
Recipe - FishSausage
Recipe - StirfriedCorn
Recipe - GoldenApplePie
Recipe - EggStew
Recipe - Special Salad
Recipe - CapyFish
Recipe - Capy Rum

that with the cooking ingredients obtained from specific monsters
around the world and VOILA! Instant Food that beats a Ramen any day.

Buffs obtained:

Panfilo says "discovery tastes better when its not spoon fed"

Talk to Panfilo at Queen's Gate exit and select "Cook"

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th 2jtysp

Quote :
Character Name Change Service:

Who here haven't had a
second thought about their chosen characters names? Now the polished,
strict looking guy who is famous for changing the way your face looks
can change your character names too.

For 2 Growth Stones, now you can put that blurry night behind you when you made that character that you love so much today.

Squad search function added.

- Room title is registered in the squad list while creating a squad (Alt+D). (But, not registered to list when hidden)
- Family that is not a member of a squad can enter without invitation by searching squads.
- Squad with hostile family cannot be searched, and Barons cannot create or enter a squad.
- When there are 12 members in a squad, the list automatically disappears from the squad list.
- The squad list is refreshed when a blank search is made.

Priority of buffs added

When corresponding buff is applied by raising the buff priorities of
melee enhancement, magic enhancement and shooting enhancement,
consolidation and prompt action buffs are ignored.
-When principal buff is given, it ignores acceleration, intensify and fortify buffs due to higher priority.

Quote :

New Items:

Scan Map:

The Scan Map item can be
purchased through Leonardo Express using the "Buy a Warp Scroll" option.
Using this item will open the mini map that will indicate the locations
of all the families in the zone.

Large Caliber Bullets:

Caliber Bullets are used by Raven while in his Expert Stance -
Croisement. The bullets are available through the Bullet Chargers.
Portable version of the bullets will be added to the Feso shop at a
later date.

Letizia Shiny Box:

Letizia Shiny Box item is
randomly dropped all around the Viron area. 2 shiny keys are needed to
open the box (coming soon in the feso shop).

Opening the box will activate the Roulette reward system from which players can receive the following items

- Invisible Potion
- Family Summon Scroll
- Ring Box
- Back Costume (1 day)
- Principal Potion
- Pet Food
- Upgrade Accelerators
- Great Valkyrie Crasher
- Otite Perfume
- Scan Map scroll
- Pistol Bullet Box
- Slug Bullet Box
- Rifle Bullet Box
- Archangel's heart
- Seeds of Rafflesia
- Siren's scale
- Expert Promotion Recipe
- Master Promotion Recipe
- Sith Pet
- Panpan
- Pigling
- Le Scarce Armor
- Dragon Heart
- Innocentio

Le Scarce Armor:

Scarce Armor can be obtained through the clan missions. With 30 AR,
these Veteran or higher armors give ample protection to pioneers, giving
a competition to the Elite Le Blancs when it comes to resistance

Available for Fighter, Musketeer, Elementalist, Wizard and Scout.

Principal Ampules:

Principal buff Lv 12 effect is added when using the Principal Ampul.


Class Skill / Skill and Stance Ring items of Raven is added in the Ring Box

Ancient Weapons Recipe:

Remove the negative stats from the Damaged Ancient Weapons to make them more powerful.

The recipes to craft Ancient Weapons from the Damaged Ancient Weapons can be purchased from Bounty Hunter Tool Merchant for 10 Veteran tokens.

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Xbgsbr

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th 2w7o4s1

Quote :

Item Related Changes:

Modified Normal/Elite items below level 80 -

- AR and DR of normal items below level 80 has been increased by 1
- Equip level requirement of Elite items below level 80 has been lowered
- AR and DR has been increased by 1 or Damage/Defense has been increased
- DR and equip level requirement has been changed for some elite items

Valkyrie Crasher

Movement speed of Valkyrie Crasher is different according to its tier

- Valkyrie crasher [Lesser] - 179
- Valkyrie crasher [Normal] - 249
- Valkyrie crasher [Master] - 319
- Valkyrie crasher [Grandmaster] - 389
- Valkyrie crasher [Warmachine] - 459

Home Premium Service

The EXP rates, stance EXP rates and drop rates of Home Premium Service has been enhanced

- HPS Veteran - 25% Additional bonus
- HPS Expert - 30% Additional bonus
- HPS Master - 40% Additional bonus

Soul Crystal revival

- Characters resurrected with the soul crystal are invulnerable for 5 seconds.
- 5 seconds of Invulnerability is not cancelled with movement, but is immediately cancelled when conducting skills or attacks.

Socket Ability to Costumes

Time based socket jewels are added to costumes
- Players can now process sockets in cloth/weapon costumes through NPC Socket Processor
- Players can process upto 1 socket per item
Equipping time based jewels on costumes prevents the player from
trading or selling the costumes, but will be able to trade again when
the jewel expires
- Players can process another Jewel on costumes that are already processed and the old socket time will be reset to the new one
- Weapon costumes are applied with jewel options only by equipping the same type weapon as the costume.

Trump item crafting has been changed

- Trump weapon recipes are now sold by the Disguised Trump Soldier in Queen's Gate.
- Trump recipes are set to Craft Lv.80 and can be crafted at the NPCs in each village.
- When crafting recipes, enchantments, options and sockets are added randomly.

Changed Constellation Weapon glow from +7 - +9

Constellation weapons will now radiate different based on the level. The glow changes only from +7 to +9 weapons.

The optional stat types are changed when adding options on the enhanced stance ring.

- Enhanced Construction Ring, enhanced Structure Builds Ring : Changed from Intelligence -> Dexterity
- Enhanced Marionette Ring, enhanced Amicus Ring, enhanced Testis Ring : Intelligence -> Charisma

Quote :
Additions and Modifications to the existing system

Oculta Revewal:

Oculta dungeon has been revamped completely.

Items are no longer consumed during entrance
All traps are removed
Puzzle elements are removed
- Nar is no longer required for the dungeon
- Levels of certain monsters are adjusted
- Drops are modified

- Oculta General Room mission can be initiated with the newly added item - Ancient Rune - Bin
- Ancient Rune - Bin can be obtained by hunting monsters in the dungeon

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Someth10

Quote :
Joaquin Siege Attack Renewal

- Jaquin Siege Attack mission can be entered once a day.
- Upto 5 members can initiate the mission through the Jaquin Barrier Mercenary in Queen's Gate
- Mission must be completed within 30 minutes

The drop rates include...

- Enchantment chips
- Level 92 Elite Armor kits
- Level 92 Elite Weapons
- High Quality Jewels
- Exp Cards
- Ancient Star Orb
- Honor Cards
- Level 84 Elite Armor
- Level 100 Weapons
- Level 100 Armors

Quote :
Battle Colosseum Renewal

- A new route from Reboldoeux Queen's Gate to Battle Colosseum has been added.
- Battle Colosseum can be entered any time.
- Unlike previous Battle Colosseum, other Families are not recognized as hostile, and the Family name is visible.
- All monsters within the zone drop MoonStones and SunStones based on fixed probability.
Killing fixed number of monsters within the zone summons semi-bosses,
where killing fixed number of semi-bosses summons the main boss.

Drops include (normal mob, mini boss and boss monsters)...

- White Gold Bars
- Sun Stones
- Moon Stones
- Level 92 Armors
- Constellation Symbol Boxes
- Elite Le Blanc Recipes

Quote :
More Additions and Changes to system

The quest mail check function has been added:

- Check a quest to display to create the quest info window and view the quest progress
- Can check up to 6 quests

The stance ring craft UI has been added

- Crafting stance ring UI is displayed by talking to the Precious Metals Merchant in Auch
- The addition of UI has deleted the existing accessories upgrade enchantment furnace
- Search option is added to the simplified ring crafting UI

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th 2087ixi

The barrack team slot expansion function has been added

When expanding the team slots, the number of teams that can be saved on
the list is increased, in addition to the expansion up to 5
- 5 Moon Stones are required to expand 1 team slot, and the expansion of the team slot is permanent.

Exp points gained from the exp cards received from certain zones are increased

 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th Exp_ch10

Changes to the Royal Scrolls

- The "Royal Scroll" used for registering faction has been changed to "Golden Scroll"
- The Royal Scrolls can be sold in the Shop at 5 mil. Vis
- The Golden Scroll is sold in the Guesthouse and Villa Libertad

Mission Lobby summon stone

- The Mission Lobby Summoning Stone has been changed to allow single use and entry per day/Family according to its type
- The Mission Lobby Summoning Stone can only be obtained except through quests

Deleted Crafting skills of UPCs

- With the deletion of crafting skills of UPCs, crafting NPCs in each village can now craft all recipes
- Sword/Great Sword: Adelina in Coimbra
- Striking Weapon (Polearm/Javelin/Blunt/Crescent/Tongfa): Claude in Reboldoeux
- Metal Armor/Shield/Gloves (including Selva Gloves): Idge in Reboldoeux
- Leather Armor/Coat/Robe: Andre in Reboldoeux
- Magic Weapon (Staff/Rod/Bracelet): M'Boma in Coimbra
- Gun (Rifle/Pistol/Bayonet): Berneli in Coimbra
- Cannon: Jose in Coimbra
- Shotgun/Crossbow: Lorch in Auch
- Miscellaneous (Accessories/Scroll/Jewel, etc.): Karjalainen in Auc

Quote :
Additions and Modifications to Contents

Joaquin area is renewed

Item drop probability and experience points increased in Morhgus, altar
of despair, Schivarliere, lava plateau, and El Canon de Diabolica
- Jaquin fortress mission stone is dropped in Schivarliere
- Jaquin fortress mission stone is not dropped in Gehenna Bridge

Items sold by token merchant NPC in the Bounty Hunter area are modified

Items deleted -

- Time-based wing (1 day)
- Veteran stance exercisebook

Items added -

- Valkyrie Crasher (Warmachine)
- Elaborated Key of Sea Cave of Revenant
- Key of Holy Water Chamber
- Shiny Crystal Box
- Qualified Earring Recipe
- Mission Lobby Box (Lv 4)
- Invisible Potion

Price Changes -

- Price of purchasing shiny crystals changed from 2 general tokens to 1

Party leader skill [Watcher's Eye] is added

- 1000 points of hostile party is consumed when the skill is used
- Only party leader and deputy leader can use the skill, and is only effective on enemy parties which used the points
Removes all good buffs of enemy parties in the skill range, and
indicates the location of the enemy party members within 1 minute

Quote :
Additions to Class Skills

Adelina - Rage

- Turns on ‘Rage’ buff upon casting. Saves frequency of damages received while this buff is turned on
[Revenge] buff is turned on when [Rage] buff disappears. [Revenge] buff
effect improves in proportion to damage frequency inflicted on
character during [Rage] buff
- [Rage] and [Revenge] buffs are not duplicated when using after initializing cool time with skills such as Refresh Mind

Alejandro - Cast Net

- Identical to Wizard’s Web, a ground designating area skill
- Web time limit is increased by 1 sec for each level -> 12 sec. for Lv.12
- 7m range, 5m radius, 90 sec cool time

Panfilo - Battle Cook

Self Buff:

- Probability of casting [Extraction] increases by 1% according to Level during normal attack

Battle Cook:

- Hit Rate, Critical Hit Rate increases by 1% according to Level
- Attack Rate increases by 1 for Lv.11


- Defense is reduced
- Movement speed is reduced
- Randomly drops food ingredient when dying after being cast by a living type monster

Idge - Melt Armor

- Ignores enemy armor for 3 mins
- +1 attack rate for above Lv.10

Claude - Melt Weapon

- Ignores enemy weapon
-1 monster attack rating for above Lv.10

Andre - Fantastic

- Evasion rate increases and additional damage from armor increases
- Additional damage to light armor increases by 3% per level
- Additional damage to middle armor increases by 2% per level
- Additional damage to heavy armor increases by 1% per level

Jose - Siege Mode

- Movement speed reduced by 80%
- Damage, attack speed, hit rate, critical hit rate increases by 1% per level
- Casting time reduced by 1% per level
- Fixed reduction in defense by -50 and defense rating by -2
- +1 attack rating for Lv.11

Quote :
Modified Stances and Skills -


- Gorgeous stance is possible by equipping 1 tonfa
- Increased power of the repulsive force skill
- 'Counterattack' attribute is added in the stance
In the case of blocking physical attacks, the stance with
'counterattack' provides a 'counterattack' buff with an increased
defense level of 5 for 10 seconds and twice the damage when using a
skill with 'counterattack' attribute. However, when using the
corresponding skill, the 'counterattack' buff disappears.
- When
receiving physical damage in the stance with 'counterattack' attribute',
the chances of blocking attacks are determined with the application of
half the impenetration power of the opponent.

Martial Arts:

- Increased damage of general attacks and skills through higher basic attack power.
- Increased damage of double kick, elemental kick, dragon punch, and elemental dragon skills.


- Increased damage of agil and centella skills on armor.
- Increased damage of golpe, valentia, agil and centella skills.
- Cooling period of valentia skill decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

Bloody Feast:

- Increased damage of general attacks and skills with higher basic attack power.
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the phantastorm skill has decreased from 5 to 3.

Tronada Cruz:

- Cooling period of rueda ventana skill decreased from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Cooling period of tornado choque skill decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
Consumption of the ancient star orb for the destruido skill decreased
from 5 to 2, and its cooling period decreased from 60 seconds to 40
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the tronada skill
has decreased from 3 to 1, and its cooling period decreased from 25
seconds to 20 seconds.
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the
levantar skill decreased from 5 to 2, and its cooling period decreased
from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.


- Damage of lado patada, asesinato, and rapida ataque skills increased. Also damage penalty on heavy armor is reduced.

Hanging Guard, Tested Guard:

- Damage of harsh kick, slaughter, and ruthless skills on heavy armor is increased.
- Skill damage of slaughter and ruthless skills is increased.
- Range of carnage skill is changed to forward-round range, and its damage is increased.
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the carnage skill decreased from 3 to 1.
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the volition skill decreased from 5 to 3.


- Cooling period of the piercing bound skill decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Blocking is not possible without a shield.

Shadow Sting:

- Modified so that the heartbreaker skill casts a [Drain] buff on the enemy based on 100% probability.
- The phenomenon where the enemy's defense power of 30 was not ignored for the bolt sequence skill is modified.
- Cooling period of the back step inferno skill decreased from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.
Cooling period of the shadow dawn skill decreased from 60 seconds to 50
seconds. Also, damage penalty on light armor is reduced.

Sect of Moonlight:

- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the moon decision skill decreased from 5 to 3.
- Consumption of the ancient star orb for the asura skill decreased from 8 to 5.

Death Chopping:

- Cooling period for the death stunt skill increased, but its casting period is decreased.
- Defense level -1 from the debuff effect of 'shackle' level 11 is removed.
- Defense level -2 from the debuff effect of level 12 is changed to -1.

Magic of Occultism, Occultism Assistance:

- Defense level -1 from the debuff effect of 'tenseness' level 11 is removed.
- Defense level -2 from the debuff effect of level 12 is changed to -1.

Prost Summon:

- Hellena's class skill changed from 'Prost Summon' to 'Memorise.'
- "Prost Summon Ring" is all changed to "Memorise Ring."


- Trap installation cannot be seen by hostile family.
- Installed traps can be damaged by wide range skills of hostile family.

Levels of the following stance are all modified to level 25, and the skill levels are initialized to 1:
(Stances with no experience points are not changed)

- Grim guard
- Main-gauche garde of grim
- Epee garde of grim
- Avance garde of grim
- Heaven or hell of grim
- Rapiere of grim

Quote :

Bug Fixes:

Fixed defense ignoring of Implode Shock skill that was not applied to monsters.

problem where players who are not on the same party or squad were
recognized as hostile even in Channels 2/3, where Colony War is not

Fixed problem where kill count was initialized in partial quests.

Fixed problem of broken characters when linking to medal items.

Fixed problem of broken characters when linking to item behind (!!).

Fixed problem where the protection buff used by Reydeavaricia was not canceled by [Whole Cancellation].

Fixed problem where DEF rating decreased from Barsel buff below Lv10.

Fixed problem of excessively applying effect applied to Snowfield Wolves.

Fixed graphic problem of breaking up when Nar took up a certain pose.

Fixed graphic problem of certain grounds of El Ruina de Memoria breaking up.

Fixed problem where El Canon de Diabolica and The Crater of Jaquin were not linked correctly on World Map.

Fixed problem where shields dropped by monsters had sockets.

Fixed problem where Mahrgorp would not attack monsters.

Fixed problem where the button of hot-linking skills and the weapon costume slot would not appear when using customized skins.

Fixed problem of awkward lighting graphic when wearing Female Wizard's Elite Le Blanc item.

problem where stance icon would disappear or client would shutdown when
character using both hand weapons used the dress room.

Fixed problem where character stopped when accepting cash items while Cash Shop or Feso Shop was open.
- Cannot accept cash items when Cash Shop or Feso Shop is open.

Fixed problem regarding personal trades where vis and feso would not trade after being added up.

Fixed problem where client would shutdown when crafting costume from period-based costume merchant.

Fixed problem where alarm message was posted when using antidotes or Furholen Shield Potions.

Fixed problem in some poses of male warlocks, and added teeth graphics.

Fixed problem where Selva was displayed as two when retreating Novia when Selva was not killed in Do Seal the Novia mission.

Fixed problem where items unused in various roulette rewards would be given as rewards.
- Unused items given as rewards will be collectively changed into the following items.
* Elite Bandersnatch => Elite Sabre di Gavi
* Elite Grim Reaper, Elite Warhammer => Elite Scythe
* Elite Gladius => Elite Forgotten Schivarlier Sword

Fixed hair graphic error of Selva.

Fixed Romina's awkward movement in Equites stance.

Fixed notice position of the [Unexpected Destiny] quest.

Fixed problem where large caliber ammo box item was not saved to the hotkey tab.

Fixed problem where the duration of the Intensified Progressive Health-Filler was wrongly applied as 10 sec.

problem where King Henry of Castilla Ruins would not disappear after 30
minutes, and not displaying announcements when it does.

Fixed problem of consuming more than 2 Keys of Dungeon of Ruins upon entering the Dungeon of the Ruins.

Fixed problem where camera option was not applied to NPC conversations and barracks.

Fixed problem where standby message would disappear quickly when the Crystal NPC at the Tower of Glaciel Spirit would resonate.

Fixed graphics of M'boma's ankles.

problems where the octopus cap worn by Alejandro and the green iguana
worn by Gracielo in the dress room were categorized as glasses.

Fixed problems concerning wrong market categorization of partial hair & hat items.

Fixed bug where monsters in the Castilla Mine mission would not move under certain circumstances.

Fixed bug where the properties of Dilos Latem, the boss of Party Arena, would be different for Blue Team and Yellow Team.

Fixed bug where a wrong option would be enchanted when enchanting the Settler's Archmage Staff.

Fixed bug to match the actual attributes of [Totentanz], the Prelude Stance skill of Rio, with that indicated in the Tool Tip.

Fixed bug where Hit Rate +10 would not be applied when [Ropera], the Rapiere, Rapiere of Grim Stance skill, exceeded Lv.11.

Fixed bug where buff would disappear after Hellena character used the [Memorise] skill to knock-back.

Fixed bug where the Tiger Pet would change to resting status when given Pet's Food after consuming all activity power.

Fixed bug where players could receive redundant quests from the Hunter's Association NPC.

Fixed bug where the Castilla Relic and Mine missions would sometimes not proceed.

Fixed bug where the Capybara Pet would not restore the [Luck] buff after the character revived.

bug where the Minion Diablo summoned by the Diablo of Chaos in the
Castilla Relic mission would give higher EXP points than the
predetermined value.

Fixed bug where monsters would stop moving in certain circumstances during the Chateau de Bourgogne mission.

Fixed bug where the Stance icon would be displayed in red when there are remaining skill points after mastering all skills.

Fixed bug where knockback would be cancelled through specific situations when character is knocked back.

Fixed bug where area skill would be used when using the Teleport Scroll while casting an area skill.

Fixed bug where the match would end in a tie when both teams could not defeat Dilos Latem at the Party Arena within 45 minutes.

bug where the light armor- and heavy armor specialized damages of
‘Riposte’, a Rapiere and Rapiere of Grim Stance skill, would not be
applied correctly.

Fixed bug where hostile Party indicator would malfunction inside El Antiguo Patrimonio.

Fixed bug where NPC Lorch would not provide shop link during the ‘Rio & Fruholen: Lorch’s Request’ quest.

Fixed bug where the comma in market purchase price would not be indicated correctly.

Fixed bug where posing would not be seen when attempting to view a posing character.

Fixed bug where player could not use Claude’s shop in Reboldoeux after accepting the ‘Becoming a Man’ quest.

how the knockback time reduction effect of [Sieger] skill of the
[Crusader] stance was applied less than the value as indicated in Tool

Fixed how the [Electric Bluster] skill struck up to 10
enemies instead of the maximum number of enemies as indicated in Tool

Fixed bug where Jose and Alejandro characters would be applied with 50 Dexterity when they actually have below 40 Dexterity.

so ends this long, treacherous patch note! Though it's a lot to read,
it is great to know...So what do you think on the patch notes? Surprised (this is me, Prismas, asking - it's not part of the original post xD)


 Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th HeavyRain1-2
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Revelations (v6.7) Patch Maintenance will be conducted on Wednesday, July 20th
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